Thursday, May 18, 2006

Work in Progress!!!!!

Study for DAD!!

Reason is simple and BIG enough.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

If i am the England manager

Goalkeeper: Paul Robinson

Right Back: Gary Neville
Left Back: Ashley Cole
Center Back: Rio Ferdinand and John Terry

Holding Midfielder: Michael Carrick
Left Midfielder: Joe Cole
Right Midfielder: Steven Gerrard
Attackin Midfielder: Frank Lampard

Striker: Michael Owen and Jermaine Defoe

Subs: David James, Sol Campbell, David Beckham, Peter Crouch and Phil Neville

Eriksson choose Theo-dunno-wat and hoping he can emulate Owen in 1998. Funny. We could be wrong instead. Good luck England!!

Monday, May 08, 2006

What do u mean?

Ok..since many complains bout Career Fair 2006, i would also like to join the party! My name is Edwin Thong, Head of Corp.Comm and Sponsorships this year. For those who blog and comment that we use your so called trust fund, here is the story!

My duty as high comm is to find the best company in M sia to come and participate in MMU Career Fair as well as to look for sponsors. Well, which means no matter how much we spend on appreciation, it is from the money that we get from companies. Not your bloody trust fund, IDIOT!!!

If u complain where did your trust fund goes to and feel it is wasted, blame it on yourselfs for not joining any events because u guys are too damn lazy to get out from your chair and online doin nothing.

Many hv benefitted from all the events that they joined. Why not U??

If u keep on envy on how ppl spend money, go travel to CUBA and NORTH KOREA where everything is equal and everyone hv the same amount of money to spend. Tats your communist mindset!

We do make some mistakes from sorting the resume, but there are some who still manage to get employed by companies even before final exams. Really our fault? Try sort those thousands of resume and u will know. In case, u still can blame us for sorting resume last minute, u wanna know why we do things last minute? BECAUSE U GUYS R LAZY ENOUGH AND ONLY "JAM" THE RESUME BOX LAST MINUTE.....

If corporate companies like Nestle, Agileng, Avago praise us commitee for doin job excellently, do u still think u as a student who probably never work before in your easy life, are QUALIFIED enough to complain?

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Bye Bye to MMU soon

It is week 13 of my final sem in MMU, time flies...
I am glad that some of my uni friends manage to find their job b4 graduation. MMU name rocks.
Found many great friends here...I will definately miss them a lot. BUt life moves on, we may never get to meet each other again. Let just hope that we can have gathering from time to time. Do updates it on our yahoo groups.

Life in MMU certainly makes my life more wired and connected. I m hooked online all the time when i am in my room. It makes Streamnx a must in my home after i grad.

There was this thought at 1st, "what if at 1st i choose to join UTAR and not MMU?"
To be honest, i am damn satisfy with all i hv in MMU, the friends, the Life opportunities, the knowlegde acquired here, hmmm almost all except those bad CGPA. I totally respect those who really performed well in exams.

To all my FE friends, CG, CF, friends....will miss most of them!!

Due to bad connection, uploading a photo seems forever.

4 more assignments to pass up and exams on 24th,25th,26th and 27th MAY.

Let's end all this with great effort.

Looking forward towards my probable career in MAXI* and Eastern Link

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What happened so far?

Since January till March, i was busy preparing for the Career Fair 2006! will blog bout tis later...

Here are some pic:

My assistant, meisiang (hope to hv a chance to cooperate again)

This gentleman is the Head of Recruitment for Maxis

From left: meisiang, mengpek, meiyin, terzhao andme
My hardworking commitee, i really appreciate the effort !!

Our Director Mr Chan and meisiang ( learnt a lot from him)

Will blog and post more pic soon about Career Fair.

Meanwhile, my aim now is to:

Study the "hardest" since it is the final sem...
Probably would not get to study so much for exams anymore...oh ya...i am planning to take CFA in near future, and i heard is quite tough!!!

March-June 2006 (study study study and exams and graduates)....Finally!!! Will i miss MMU and student life?

Till next time....

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Thank You list in 2005

I wish to thank all ppl below for really making my life a great one in year 2005:


God for reminding me that You are still in control, i m just your servant. I really submit myself and surrender to You. Sorry for all that have been said and done!!

My Dearest Pooi Kuan for everything, really, is just too much 2 say
Eric ze cheng for helping me during my crisis time
Sock Song for giving the great business idea
Chan for being such a talkative person

And to all my FE frens (Jesse, CK, Barry, Pei Ying, Pui Sim, Keng Hui, Wee Leong, Nix, Joan, Libby, Yean Shan, Cindy, Esther, Bee Ching, Lily, Yih Horng, Kok Loon, Ho Keat, Eric, Han Lun, Annie, Johann, Roshan and HL TONG etc etc)
* in no particular orders

Nigel Rode for listening to my problems
Poh Yee for being so supportive. Mei Yin for your advice
CG#2 fren for your spiritual support esp CG leader Shen Shee, Siew Voon for your constant prayer!!!

James and Doris for your continuous support in training me.
Jackie and Sally for all your great help

My Family members who reminds me that u ll always be there for me.

Thank You...

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Wonderful journey!!!

I learnt a lot this sem from all the subjects this semester. Like before, i do not usually get a 4.00 grade, howver really felt tat i learnt much...

At least i learnt, some of the greatest work done in Mathematics field like Gauss Elimination, Secant method, etc etc though i still believes that FE ppl like r we goin to apply numerical analysis in our field unless u plan to further your study into Mathematics and Statistics, but once again thanx to HL TONG for your teaching and the joy tat we shared in the class. Also learnt some cost reduction/ minimisation technique in Optimisation Model.

Also learnt how company board of directors make decisions, maximise company's wealth using different valuation techniques in Corporate Finance.

And the best thing is learn realy really a lot from Financial Derivatives tat can uses diff Financial Engineering techniques to make more profit, minimize risk though options, etc etc.
Now only i fully gets the concepts of what is my major (Fin.Engineering) about.Will surely participates in this highly "entertaining game", Derivatives.

But of course, as ppl said, u must 1st find your money ,only then use it to make more and more money. Already looking fwd to earn my big bucks in the next holidays.

Tax planning helps me to undestands more about the do's and dont's in taxes, particulary useful when i compute tax for my dad again next year's, as well as for myselfs in 1 or 2 years time. Looking fwd to pay tax, cause it shows yours earning abilty, but try my best to pay the least. Govt cant manage your money as well as u think.

Lastly econometrics, now i still remembers well those 6 assumptions of CLRM tat was quite "fun" to memorize. At least learnt bout Shazam and more on Excels, powerful tool to analyze data.

It has been such a long semesters and goin to ends soon with a last paper 2molo. Conquer TOT!!!!!

Lets hope no Supp exam is needed for this sem. Scary!!! Pls God, pls!!!

Another word of thank you to those who helped me in studies (eg Jesse, PY, MPS, Eric,Ho keat, CK, Keng hui, barry and many many more). Thanx for all the "bei kap"....